Please find a list of songs that can be used for your ceremony



  1. Cannon in D                                                  Pachelbel
  2. From This Moment                                     Shania Twain
  3. A Thousand Years                                        Christina Perry
  4. Heaven                                                            DJ Sammy
  5. Only Time                                                      Enya
  6. All My Life                                                     KC and JOJO
  7. Wedding March                                            Mozart
  8. Come Away With Me                                   Norah Jones
  9. The Prayer                                                     Charlotte Church and Josh Groban
  10. Angels Brought Me Here                            Guy Sebastian
  11. Because you loved me                                 Celine Dion
  12. A Moment Like This                                    Kelly Clarkson
  13. From This Moment                                     Shania Twain
  14. Beautiful Day                                                U2
  15. At Last                                                            Etta James
  16. Thank You For Loving Me                          Bon Jovi
  17. Wedding day                                                  Bee Gees
  18. Everlasting Love                                           Natalie Cole
  19. All You Need is Love                                    Beatles
  20. If I Ain’t Got You                                          Alicia Keys
  21. Wedding March                                            Mendelssohn


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