Father of the Groom’s speech

Speech by the Groom’s Father

It seems like just yesterday that I was driving home from the hospital after the birth of my first son, (Groom). My eyes welled with tears of gratitude that evening… or perhaps it was just tiredness after an 11 hour labor! But who am I to claim exhaustion after labor?

Well, my heart and your hearts tell us all that it was gratitude indeed that I felt as I left my wife and new child in the hospital. Since then, gratitude and thankfulness have been a theme throughout our life together ever since that blessed day. That joyous day marked the beginning of a road travelled together, between (Groom) and me, his wonderful mother – my lovely wife – and our whole family.

Marriages, like births, mark the beginning of a journey together. Today, we have marked the beginning of a wonderful new journey, in which (Groom) has joined together with a most special, most wonderful woman (Bride).

Two years ago, when I first heard (Groom) tell me about this new girl ‘he had met’ (I think it was more than that already), I could tell from his voice and excitement just how special (Bride) already was to him.

And today, you all bore witness, as (Bride and Groom) exchanged vows, to just how special they are to each other. Surely their love and commitment will build a long and joyous union.

Please join me in gratitude and thankfulness, to this, the day they begin their new journey together!


Groom’s Father Toast #1

Let me honour the bride and groom for a moment. To my son, (Groom). Your giving spirit and your love have earned you most a special gift, your bride (Bride). Cherish her. (Bride), you are indeed a gift from heaven and we welcome you into our family with all our hearts, and we rejoice in (Groom)’s good fortune that he found you, and you him.


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